Coronavirus Concerns

Coronavirus Concerns

The elders and deacons met online Tuesday evening, March 31, to reassess our plans regarding public worship services, Bible studies, and other gatherings.  At the present time all worship services and other public church activities will remain suspended until further notice.

This decision was not made lightly. We know how important our gathered worship and fellowship is to our life as the body of Christ. We do believe, however, that this is the wisest decision to make at this time. We have made this decision out of love for you, love for our neighbors, and in an endeavor to follow the guidelines of those in authority over us (Rom. 13:1–7). This was a unanimous decision supported by all of the elders and deacons.

The elders and deacons will be meeting online weekly to give and receive reports on how the congregation is doing as well as spend time together in prayer for you. This will occur each Tuesday at 7:00 pm. If you have concerns you would like noted and prayed for, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your shepherding elder with that information.

Although we are apart for a while, we are still the church. We are still the people of God. We are still a family. We are here for you.

Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies continue virtually. If you have not been a part of those groups but would like to be, please let me know. I encourage you to use the technology the Lord has given us and meet with church friends online via Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates, and please let us know if you have questions or concerns.


Amid the growing concern over COVID–19 (coronavirus), we would like to address a few issues with regard to our life together as a church family.

First, we trust a sovereign God and look to him for our protection, but trusting God means that we use wisdom and the means he has given to us to think, pray, and make plans for the days ahead.

Second, Governor DeWine has recommended that: “all religious institutions consider limiting practices that could spread germs, such as shaking hands or sharing in a communal cup of wine during communion. Those in faith-based communities who are high-risk should consider staying home. Faith-based communities should also consider appropriate outreach to those who may not be able to attend regular services.” To read the Governor’s full statement, please click here.

Third, all worship services, Bible studies, and other face–to–face meetings at church have been cancelled through the end of March. Group leaders for Bible studies, etc. may choose to utilize an online forum to facilitate meetings, and that is certainly fine. But we will have no gatherings at the church for the next two weeks.

Fourth, on the Lord’s Day mornings of March 22 and 29, please join us online for The Morning Message. The Morning Message will be presented by Pastor Dodson and will be broadcast from his home via Facebook Live. The Morning Message will begin at 10:30 a.m. eastern time and follow a simple format of Scripture reading, prayer, and a message from God’s Word. Please encourage family and friends to join us. This week’s sermon (March 22) will be from Isaiah 8:11–15. It is entitled “Christ–centered Crisis Management.” You can access our Facebook page at the following link:

Fifth, since we will not be taking regular offerings over at least the next two weeks, you may mail your contributions to the church. We are also working to enable online giving on the church website. This may take several days to implement, but check the church webpage for updates:
If you wish to mail in contributions, the church address is Grace Presbyterian Church, 781 Terex Road, Hudson, OH 44236.

Sixth, none of us know how long these conditions are going to last. The elders and deacons will meet online again Tuesday, March 31 to reassess the situation and make any further plans necessary.

The church leadership will be monitoring the situation in the days and weeks to come. If at any time we feel we need to cancel services, we will send out an e–mail and make every effort to contact members and regular attenders by phone. We will also post a notice on the church Facebook page:

We encourage you to stay informed. To that end, the following links should prove helpful:

We encourage all of us to be in prayer for several things: 1) healing for those who currently suffer from the coronavirus, 2) protection from and a decrease in the spread of the virus, 3) calm amid wide–spread fear, and 4) the glory of Christ through times of uncertainty.

Finally, should any of you or your family members become ill, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. We are your servants. Your spiritual and physical well–being are our first concern. We are here to care for you and offer you the support you need.