Children’s Church

Children’s church for those aged 3-7 is available each Sunday during regular worship.  Parents who choose to have their children attend children’s church should escort them to their classroom during the musical interlude and before the sermon. 

The structure for children’s church seeks to familiarize children with the order of adult worship, and will include at least the following elements: (1) opening in prayer (based on Nancy Guthrie’s What Every Child Should Know About Prayer; (2) looking at God’s word (based on a video series by the Gospel Project, In the Beginning ( and Bible memory verses; and (3) singing (largely based on Keith and Kristen Getty, Family Hymn Sing and Getty Kids Hymnal – In Christ Alone (

Coronavirus Concerns:  Parents should not send children who are ill, have a fever, or who are known to have been exposed to the coronavirus to children’s church.  Hand sanitizer will be available.  If available, children’s snacks will consist of individual bottles of water or juice and individually packed chips (or the like).

Child Safety

All adult Children’s Church, Sunday school, and VBS teachers and adult helpers have cleared background checks conducted by either the National Center for Safety Initiatives or its successor SportsEngine, or by local law enforcement agencies.


Though not held in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Grace Church historically has held week-long VBS programs for local children.