Coronavirus Concerns

Coronavirus Concerns

Amid the growing concern over COVID–19 (coronavirus), we would like to address a few issues with regard to our life together as a church family.

First, we trust a sovereign God and look to him for our protection, but trusting God means that we use wisdom and the means he has given to us to think, pray, and make plans for the days ahead.

Second, at the present time we do not plan to cancel any of our regularly scheduled services or events. Sunday worship services, this week’s after–church luncheon, Bible studies, etc. will go forward as planned. Should the government issue restrictions on small gatherings, then we will comply. We will also keep a close eye on the responses of other churches in our area and seek the collective wisdom of pastors and elders beyond our fellowship.

Third, Governor DeWine has recommended that: “all religious institutions consider limiting practices that could spread germs, such as shaking hands or sharing in a communal cup of wine during communion. Those in faith-based communities who are high-risk should consider staying home. Faith-based communities should also consider appropriate outreach to those who may not be able to attend regular services.” To read the Governor’s full statement, please click here.

Fourth, please do what you can to prevent the spread of illness. If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home. If you are elderly or have other health concerns that make you a higher risk for illness and infection, please use caution and think carefully about attending events. Observe basic hygiene rules to protect yourself and others. Wash your hands thoroughly. If you cough or sneeze, please cover your nose and mouth. Around the church you will find boxes of Kleenex as well as hand sanitizer. Use as much of this as you need. Be cautious with hugs and handshakes. If given, be sure the other person is comfortable with our normal, warm greetings.

The church leadership will be monitoring the situation in the days and weeks to come. If at any time we feel we need to cancel services, we will send out an e–mail and make every effort to contact members and regular attenders by phone. We will also post a notice on the church Facebook page:

We encourage you to stay informed. To that end, the following links should prove helpful:

We encourage all of us to be in prayer for several things: 1) healing for those who currently suffer from the coronavirus, 2) protection from and a decrease in the spread of the virus, 3) calm amid wide–spread fear, and 4) the glory of Christ through times of uncertainty.

Finally, should any of you or your family members become ill, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. We are your servants. Your spiritual and physical well–being are our first concern. We are here to care for you and offer you the support you need.